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narinaWaro 09.11.2016 17:58:59

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Malerie 24.10.2016 16:22:34

Now the apperance thing is a none issue.. Jamaica has the fastest men and women in the world and their coaches are obeese &#O320;.8n another issue though i wouldnt try it as it seems to pull the arms bac and my shoulders are fragile.

Genevieve 24.10.2016 16:17:29

Very sad about your boy. Those who have never loved and been loved by a faitufhl furry family member have no idea what this loss is like. Not an easy thing to take a loyal friend for his last visit to the vet. In my view it was a loving act and I believe your boy thinks so too.

Sable 24.10.2016 16:07:56

Not only is this not &qoob;atuut the kids&quot;, this time I don&#39;t even think I have heard that point advanced. And I live in the eye of the storm here in Wisconsin. It&#39;s definitely just a power struggle, no more and no less.

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